Let’s Create a Bit of the Future Together

You’ve dedicated your career to ensuring that those you serve obtain the best value and the greatest results from their investments of time, money, and other valuable resources in the products and services they require. Likewise, we’ve dedicated our company and our DecisionDirector technology to helping thought leaders like you do exactly that.

For major procurements, though, our customers, our partners and our experience tell us:

  • Stakeholder engagement and accountability is an essential element – but it is difficult to fully achieve
  • Measurable business outcomes will increasingly drive procurement planning and decisions – but it is not yet a universal best practice
  • The procurement function should be viewed and leveraged as a strategic internal asset – but for many organizations this is not yet entirely the case
  • Sharing resources amongst peer organizations is a common practice – but what is shared can be even better

Sound compelling? We’d love to partner with you to create breakthrough achievements in these and other areas for your organization and your community.

Read on to learn how.

Stakeholder Engagement

Transparency. Alignment. Accountability. Support. 

Good things happen when project stakeholders are actively and effectively involved and accountable for their part in planning and decision-making. But, for procurement projects with many affected people it is challenging, at best, to efficiently and effectively engage everyone who might consider themselves to be a stakeholder.

The Advantiv Promise

We will partner with you to design, implement, and support right-for-you best practices in stakeholder engagement during all phases of a project. Visioning, discovery, assessments, outcomes definition, requirements, priorities, due diligence, you name it, together we will make it happen.

The Advantiv Platform

DecisionDirector Stakeholder Collaboration Manager

Outcomes-Driven Procurement

Goals. Objectives. Outcomes. Results.

Today’s best practices for outcomes planning in enterprise software and other major procurements tend to focus on lower costs of ownership, improved service, and new capabilities, typically measured against the predecessor system, product or service. We see the current opportunity and future expectation to clearly tie major procurements to measurable business outcomes, and hold both the project teams and the vendors accountable to those outcomes.

The Advantiv Promise

We will partner with you to design, facilitate and integrate outcomes thinking and documentation as a standard component of the planning, solicitation, and due diligence phases of your procurement projects.

The Advantiv Platform

DecisionDirector Stakeholder Collaboration and RFP Manager

Procurement as a Strategic Asset

Vision. Leadership. Enablement. Success.

Procurement serves at the crossroads of strategy and spend. Sadly, for many organizations procurement is viewed as a hurdle to get past and a hassle to be put off to the last possible minute. In forward-thinking organizations, the procurement team is engaged at the beginning of any major project and provides support, guidance, and perspective throughout.

The Advantiv Promise

We will partner with you to build upon your leadership and provide your organization with world-class support in stakeholder engagement, shared resources and outcomes thinking – and document the model for other organizations to follow.

The Advantiv Platform


Sharing Amongst Peers

Wisdom. Ease.  Speed. Advantage. Value.

The collective genius of professionals who pool and share their strategies, experiences, tools and resources is a tremendous asset to the community. But, the current state of the art involves sharing anecdotes, documents, and spreadsheets. A great starting point, for sure, but in a networked, interactive, process-driven and data-hungry world, they fall short of what is possible.

The Advantiv Promise

We will partner with you and a forward-thinking group of your like-minded peers to implement a new model for creating, re-using, and sharing actionable documents, best practice approaches, and project configurations to drive new levels of collaboration in planning and procurement.

The Advantiv Platform

DecisionDirector Share Center

Our Proposal to You

Sound exciting? Let’s take the next steps:

  • We’ll start with a conversation about how planning and procurement happens in your organization today, and where you’d like to take it in the future.  We’ll discuss topics such as:
    • Stakeholder engagement and accountability
    • Outcomes planning and integration
    • Resource sharing with peers
    • Your procurement/sourcing platform
    • Current and upcoming procurement projects
  • Then together we will preview how DecisionDirector can help immediately and as we go forward
    • We’ll look at how DecisionDirector has supported other organizations and how its capabilities can be leveraged to support yours
    • And how DecisionDirector can extend the strategy, reach, and value of your procurement/sourcing platform
  • If we then both decide to proceed, we’ll enter into a DecisionDirector subscription and services agreement that will be flexible, affordable, and designed to deliver lasting results. Our focus:
    • Immediate and near-term uses to become familiar and demonstrate intent and value
    • Planning for longer term adoption and success
    • Creating a design/deploy/expand model that can grow with you and be shared with others

Working together, the future is ours to create. Shall we?

Learn about our new Outcomes Framework Initiative

A collaborative effort to create a new, community-based outcomes resource for enterprise software system planning and selection in higher education.

Our Position, Policies, and Practices

We are 100% vendor neutral.

We have no stake in, or benefit in anyway from, a selection outcome.

We never reveal vendor response data without permission from the vendor.

We do not claim ownership of any client, consultant, or vendor data entered into DecisionDirector.

We never sell or otherwise distribute any of the data entered into DecisionDirector.

We have many consulting partners who have integrated DecisionDirector into their planning and selection methodologies, and their baseline requirements and other information into the DecisionDirector database.

Clients are free to use our baseline library or that of their chosen consultant, or a combination of both.

Vendors may establish baseline requirements of their own in DecisionDirector, for clients and prospects that wish to start with those.

We do whatever we can to help clients, consultants, and vendors be successful in using and benefiting from DecisionDirector, but we never provide unfair advantage or share inside information about the projects we support.

We hold all conversations in full confidence and do not discuss or share sensitive or competitive information.

We are committed to creating and supporting the best practices that lead to the best possible outcomes, and therefore are always open to constructive criticisms and suggestions.