The Outcomes Framework Initiative


Join us in creating the future of system selection in higher education.



Outcomes Framework Kick-Off Event

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A Powerful Resource for Your Future Prospects

Advantiv is leading a collaborative initiative to create a new, community-based outcomes resource for enterprise software system planning and selection in higher education.

The purpose is to improve the justification, quality, and impact of enterprise software system selections through the intentional integration of measurable business outcomes, while reducing time, cost and risk for all parties involved. This includes streamlined RFPs that are focused on business outcomes, allowing institutional project teams to spend more time with stakeholders and vendors on outcomes, strategy and fit, and less time and resources on low value feature/function shoot-outs.

The centerpiece of this new approach is a business outcomes library, called the Outcomes Framework, consisting of a comprehensive set of model business outcomes documents, including peer examples, best practices, lessons learned, and other resources specifically designed to support outcomes-driven enterprise software system selection, implementation and optimization.

This is a true community effort in which institutions, vendors, consultants and others will work collaboratively for the benefit of all. Our role is to catalyze, organize, and facilitate the creation of the Outcomes Framework, and to make it readily available for all to use.

The goal: a dynamic, comprehensive, non-proprietary, non-exclusive and highly affordable outcomes resource that is created with and for the higher education community.

Our vision: The Outcomes Framework will serve as the foundation and guide for major initiatives throughout higher education, starting with but extending beyond enterprise software, and eventually expanding to serve K-12, healthcare, public sector and other market sectors. The Framework will ultimately become the basis for a not-for-profit entity that is dedicated to advancing outcomes thinking for the good of the community.

For this to happen, we need you to become involved. Please join us. 

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Framework Sponsors

Campus Management


(and more to come)

Outcomes Framework

Community Resource

Focuses on Outcomes

Aligns to Mission and Value

Accelerates Project Funding

Increases Stakeholder Buy-In

Streamlines RFPs

Reduces Cost/Risk of Sales

Increases Quality of Sales

Foundation for Project Success

Why Outcomes?

A large wave of new prospects is coming. Traditional requirements- and capabilities-based selection methodologies will not scale, and they will not satisfy the increasing demand for accountability to outcomes. 

Only an outcomes-based approach to system selection will deliver the desired results and achieve the necessary scale.


Why a Community Resource?

The nice thing about standards is that you have so many to choose from.

The same has held true for the many versions of requirements listings and databases that every consultant and service provider, including Advantiv, has created and promoted over the years. Yet, requirements were never really the point – outcomes were.

Collectively, we have an opportunity to create a single, trusted resource to equip and enable outcomes-thinking in enterprise software selections. And we will do this by collecting, organizing, and making available the experience, wisdom and foresight of higher ed leaders through a comprehensive, non-proprietary, non-exclusive outcomes framework.


Why Should Vendors Participate?

Fundamental market innovations that improve, streamline and accelerate institutional software system planning, selection and outcomes will your reduce time, cost, and risk of sales and increase your opportunities, revenue, and profit. And the Outcomes Framework is an innovation that you can help to create. It’s a true win-win.

How to start? You know the people behind your greatest client success stories. By sponsoring their participation in this initiative, you will help your future prospects to integrate outcomes-thinking into their selections, and have your core strengths and commitment to value reflected through your clients’ experience, foresight, and thought-leadership. 

Vendor Sponsorship Program

An Investment in Fundamental Market Innovation

To develop, sustain and promote the Outcomes Framework as a useful and affordable community resource for all higher education institutions, and to provide vendors of enterprise software systems an opportunity to actively participate in and support the costs [1] of creating the Outcomes Framework and be recognized accordingly, the following sponsorship levels are available:

Sponsor Level / Benefits Supporter Sustainer Founder
Invitation to participate via client representatives in HE Outcomes Summits (see below)
Maximum number of client representative participants per Summit. More client participants means more perspectives (small, large, private, public, two-year, four-year, grad +, professional, and so on). 2 3 4
Number of complimentary client representative Summit participations per year 8 15 24
Cost per each additional client representative participant, per Summit $1000 $750 $500
NEW: Number of complimentary proprietary/internal vendor Outcomes Assessments [2] 1 2 3
NEW: Number of complimentary Outcomes Assessments for clients or prospects 2 3 4
No-cost access to Outcomes Framework for own use, e.g. RFP response preparation
Access to DecisionDirector to maintain and manage response repositories [3]
Number of complimentary pre-loaded DecisionDirector RFP Responses per year. Response data is drawn from responses already held in DecisionDirector, and includes both traditional and outcomes-based RFPs. 6 12 Unlimited
Cost per additional pre-loaded DecisionDirector RFP response $1000 $750
NEW: Response loads (imports) to DecisionDirector RFPs from response work conducted outside of DecisionDirector. (Timeframes and certain restrictions apply.) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
First Year Sponsorship Fee $24,500 $37,500 $49,500


[1] Each summit event will have an estimated direct cost of $7.5-$10k. Costs to produce resultant model outcomes documents will be additional. Advantiv has already made a significant investment in this initiative, and will continue to do so. As a vendor, the greater your sponsorship, the faster and greater the return on your investment.

[2] Similar to an Outcomes Assessment for a end-user organization, vendor Outcomes Assessment is designed to identify and document measurable business outcomes that have been, or could be, achieved by clients through the effective use of the vendor’s solution(s). The results of this assessment would be proprietary to the vendor.

[3] To facilitate the broadest possible adoption, the Outcomes Framework will be nonexclusive and made available to any higher education consulting firm, including system selection consultants, for a reasonable fee. Use of DecisionDirector by institutions or consultants is strictly optional.

Higher Education Outcomes Summits

The contents of the Outcomes Framework will be created, reviewed, maintained and expanded over time by higher education leaders, primarily through periodic virtual summits hosted and facilitated by Advantiv.

Summits will be arranged by topical area, e.g. Student, Finance, Human Capital, et cetera, and by institution type. Each summit will involve 10-25 participants via a 90-120-minute web-based ideation, prioritization, and refinement session.

Participants will come from sponsoring institutions along with representatives selected by sponsoring vendors from their client institutions.

Advantiv will extend and refine the results of each summit into model business outcomes documents for inclusion in the Outcomes Framework.

A Word About DecisionDirector and the Outcomes Framework


The Outcomes Framework concept emerged out of our deep experience in system selections and our vision for its future.

The idea of making it a community resource and not just another proprietary product offering reflects our “purpose-over-profit” commitment to support the mission of higher education.

Yes, DecisionDirector is our flagship product and, while its design will support the use of the Outcomes Framework, such use will be strictly optional. Therefore, access to the Outcomes Framework will be completely independent of DecisionDirector.

A project without measurable business outcomes

is like a compass without true north.

Our Position, Policies, and Practices

We are 100% vendor neutral.

We have no stake in, or benefit in anyway from, a selection outcome.

We never reveal vendor response data without permission from the vendor.

We do not claim ownership of any client, consultant, or vendor data entered into DecisionDirector.

We never sell or otherwise distribute any of the data entered into DecisionDirector.

We have many consulting partners who have integrated DecisionDirector into their planning and selection methodologies, and their baseline requirements and other information into the DecisionDirector database.

Clients are free to use our baseline library or that of their chosen consultant, or a combination of both.

Vendors may establish baseline requirements of their own in DecisionDirector, for clients and prospects that wish to start with those.

We do whatever we can to help clients, consultants, and vendors be successful in using and benefiting from DecisionDirector, but we never provide unfair advantage or share inside information about the projects we support. We hold all conversations in full confidence and do not discuss or share sensitive or competitive information. We are committed to creating and supporting the best practices that lead to the best possible outcomes, and therefore are always open to constructive criticisms and suggestions.