Clear Line of Sight to Outcomes – Past, Present and Future

Bring your system stakeholders together to identify and celebrate the business successes that they have already achieved – and then determine the outcomes that they will focus on next.

Investments in enterprise software systems should produce positive, specific, and measurable business results. Right?

Well, maybe. What is indisputable is that investments in enterprise software will produce results. But, whether they are positive, or even intentional, is another story.

Now, there is a fast, easy and very powerful way for your system stakeholders to collectively document their past successes and collaboratively determine which outcomes they will achieve in the future.

Outcomes Assessment: The Intentional Pursuit of Value

The Advantiv Outcomes Assessment combines professional facilitation with the Powernoodle® Decision Engagement Platform to inspire and guide your team to think clearly and work collaboratively to identify, discuss, categorize, determine, and prioritize the outcomes they will achieve.

When is an Outcomes Assessment most valuable?

System Selection – As a cornerstone of a new system selection project to solidify the business case for project funding and to subsequently evaluate vendors against what’s most important to you – results.

Implementation Early in an implementation project to ensure that the team is clear about ultimately supporting business outcomes.

Value Optimization Post-implementation as part of a value optimization effort – continuously seeking greater value from the investment throughout the entire life of that investment.

End of System Life When the end-of-system-life conversations start, as a way to place focus on future outcomes expectations and opportunities in anticipation of system replacement.

Once completed, the Outcomes Assessment will serve as a renewable foundation for maximum success and value throughout the life of your systems. And Outcomes Thinking will become a new and powerful competitive advantage for your organization.

World-Class Outcomes Facilitation…

Creating, sharing, and vetting ideas for meaningful outcomes could not be easier or more productive.

Starting with Advantiv’s kick-starter Outcomes Knowledge Packs and know-how, supported by the Powernoodle platform, your stakeholders will be deep into outcomes thinking in no time. 

(Click the images for a quick glimpse.)*

…Generates Clear, Attainable Outcomes

Some real-life examples from higher ed professionals: 

    Recruiting and Enrollment

    • Decrease abandoned applications by 20% by 2022
    • Increase # of prospective student inquiries (by “X”) by “Y”
    • Increase admissions yield by 5% over 2 years
    • Increase admissions yield by 5% over 2 years
    • Increase conversion from app to admit for online/adult learners by 30% by 2020
    • Increase pace of applications to admit for all students with mobile by 1 week by 2021
    • Increase the ROI for recruitment events to 75% by 2021

    Financial Aid

    • Improve course level pass rates 3-5% YoY by 2021
    • Improve financial aid packaging time by 50% by 2021
    • Increase % answered call rate to 95% by 2021
    • Increase the call to action response rate on financial aid related missing items to 80% by 2021

    Student Engagement and Retention

    • Increase average credit load by one credit per student by 2021
    • Increase continuation rate (term to term) by X% by 2021
    • Increase student participation in on-site events they are interested in by X% in Y years by class level

    Student and Community Success

    • Increase mobility rate of students by increasing four-year graduation rate to 40% by 2025

    Operational Agility

    • Reduce time to create and deploy a new program to 60 days by 2022

    And once the most valuable ideas are identified and agreed upon…

    …we can facilitate the action planning needed to make those ideas work.

        (*) A Bit More About Powernoodle

        The images provided show only a small portion of the online, interactive functions of the Powernoodle platform.

        Outcomes Assessments will incorporate facilities to generate ideas, tag them, include supporting documents and descriptions, combine like ideas, vote on and, ultimately, rate and/or prioritize ideas. Additionally, outcomes ideas can be converted into assignable actions and have their progress tracked over time.

        Related initiatives, such as strategic planning and opportunity analysis, et cetera, are easily and powerfully supported.

        And This is Just the Beginning

        Once your stakeholders have completed an Outcomes Assessment, and experienced the power of Outcomes Thinking, the applications are many – and the implications for mission, strategy, finance, operations and culture are game-changing.