Stakeholder Collaboration and Procurement Project Support

for Enterprise Software Selection and Other Major Procurements

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If a procurement is important enough to require a project team,
it’s more than important enough to include DecisionDirector.

A Customer’s Story

“Our goal was to find a tool for organizing and expediting the process of system requirements definition and vendor selection for a new student information system.

Advantiv’s DecisionDirector and its related Knowledge Packs helped us to develop our functional requirements and business needs quickly and accurately.

The responsive and highly knowledgeable staff at Advantiv allowed us to complete our project on time, within budget, and to the complete satisfaction of our System Acquisition Team.

The entire process was highly informative and educational.

Goal achieved!”

Align. Define. Succeed. Repeat.

Faster Process. Better Outcomes. Advantage Everyone.

Engage Stakeholders

Achieve organizational alignment and unprecedented project clarity with powerful yet easy to use collaboration tools for effective stakeholder engagement in critical activities such as visioning, discovery, assessment, requirements gathering, business process review, and vendor due diligence.

Leverage Knowledge

Enjoy speed and confidence with our extensive library of reusable resources and management tools to create, configure, re-use, and share requirements and essential project, procurement, and contract documents.

Simplify Procurements

Information and insight inform the best decisions. Collect, collate, and analyze detailed line-item responses to even the largest software, services, and other complex procurements.

Focus on Outcomes

DecisionDirector allows you and your team to focus on the outcomes and requirements that are most important to you, while our library frees you from the burden of having to develop from scratch the detailed requirements that are needed to satisfy everybody.


Extend your Procure-to-Pay strategy and complement your e-Procurement platform with DecisionDirector.

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DecisionDirector extends e-Procurement and Procure-to-Pay.

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