A Collaborative Planning and Complex Procurement Support System

for IT, PMO, and Purchasing Teams

Engage Stakeholders

Powerful yet easy to use collaboration tools for effective stakeholder engagement in critical activities such as assessmentsrequirements gathering, business process review, and vendor due diligence. Achieve unprecedented project transparency and stakeholder buy-in.

Leverage Knowledge

An extensive library of reusable resources and management tools to create, configure, re-use, and share requirements and essential project, procurement, and contract documents.

Tame Complex RFPs

Collect, collate, and analyze responses to even the largest software, services, and other complex procurements.

The #1 ERP, SIS, LMS, and CRM Plan2Procure toolset in higher education and public sector.

Includes deep requirements for on-premise and cloud hosted software selections.

And the right questions and scenarios for SaaS selections.

The DecisionDirector Plan2Procure® Methodology

Advantiv: Empowering IT, PMO, and Procurement Teams and Delighting Stakeholders with Plan2Procure Solutions since 1997.