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Technology and Services Planning and Procurement


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The #1 ERP, SIS, CRM, and LMS planning and selection toolset in higher education and public sector.

Planning and Procurement Tools for IT, PMO, and Procurement Teams

Collaboration tools

for effective stakeholder engagement in critical activities such as requirements gathering, business process review, and vendor due diligence. Achieve unprecedented project transparency and stakeholder buy-in.

RFx tools and resources

to configure, conduct, and analyze responses to even the largest software, services, and other complex procurements.

Library management tools

to create, configure, re-use, and share requirements and essential project, procurement, and contract documents.

With DecisionDirector® you will:

  • Lead your stakeholders to the best decisions to achieve the best possible outcomes

  • Increase value and reduce risk before your procurement becomes a procurement

  • Make it easy for your stakeholders to provide input to requirements prior to the RFx

  • Make it easy for your team to review, score and compare vendor proposals

  • Capture stakeholder feedback on current and future state business process documentation to ensure successful transitions

View Our Best Practices Presentation

  • A humorous but helpful look at what makes software selections successful

  • Filled with guidelines you can follow

  • Includes advice from key experts

  • #1 software selection presentation on Slideshare

Leverage Complexity to Create Enduring Value

Maximize the benefits of your complex procurements while reducing the overall cost to the enterprise.

  • Enterprise and departmental software, ERP, CRM, Student system, LMS, and more

  • Professional, technical, and outsourcing services

  • Any procurement that requires extensive planning, documentation, and stakeholder participation in the process.

And for projects that do not involve a procurement?

  • DecisionDirector’s collaboration tools help to foster stakeholder confidence in the process and alignment with the outcome.

Advantiv: Empowering IT, PMO, and Procurement Project Teams and Delighting Stakeholders since 1997.

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